Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Carmen's corner...

Two hours trip for national ZOO....

The worker is washing the stuffs he took out from the rabbit's cage.

The worker is cleaning the POND of the HIPPO

The worker is feeding water to make the HIPPO feel fresh.

The worker is repairing the cage of the monkeys.

The workers is repairing the sideway beside the pond.

The worker is cleaning the cage of monkeys

The worker just sitting there and not doing anything.

The driver inside the zoo...

One of the female workers in the National Zoo.

The worker is cleaning the Bear's living place.

Monday, March 16, 2009

National Zoo

Kooi Ming's Corner

A Thursday in Zoo Negara

Workers is repairing the monkeys' cage inside the zoo.

Hippopotamus is showering in the morning.

This is the way the worker feeding giraffes.

He is cleaning up the place for giraffes.

He is capturing the photo of a tiger while swimming in the pool.

These children are feeding cows with grass.

Everyone seems enjoying the zoo trip very much.

This kindergarten teacher is arranging these children to capture group picture .

Kindergarten teacher is explaining to the children while visiting the animal.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

National Zoo

Peck Kuan's Corner

Good and bad things happen in Zoo


Students are paying attention on the explanation from their teachers.

The worker is preparing the food for the animals.

The worker is ready to feed the Giraffes.The worker is feeding the Giraffes.

The worker is cleaning the 'home of Giraffes'.

The worker is providing the water to the Hippopotamus.

The worker is preparing the food for the rabbits.

The worker looks smart with the uniform.

The worker is cleaning the cage of monkeys.


The worker is smoking beside the elephants' area.

The kid is catching the turtle without permission.

The kids are feeding the cow without permission.

It is quite dangerous for the kids to touch the animals.

The visitor is feeding the Giraffe without permission.