Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Malacca Trip + Untitled Assigment

Kooi Ming's Corner

The Art of Living - MALACCA

Senior citizen enjoying playing chinese chess under the tree nearby A Farmosa during afternoon.  

The Nyonya's Dance: A performance of dance by Nyonya during a carnival nearby A Farmosa.

A few ladies were chatting among themselves while preparing traditional food to sell at their food stall during the carnival.

Beca: A traditional transport of Malacca.  

A tour guide is expalning the history & background of A Farmosa to a tourist. 

Jonker Street: Where souvenirs, fashion & foods are all around.  

MALACCA, the third smallest state in Malaysia, as known as the Historical state of Malaysia. Since 600 years ago until today, Malacca has gone through its prosperity & downfall. We are able to find all these antiquities from buildings, peoples, souvenirs as well as the foods especially in the Central Malacca – Malacca Town. Apart from as a tourism spot, Malacca acts as an important place where peoples exchange their culture, value and lifestyle. We can see this in the Nyonya-Baba which is a mixture of Chinese and Malay’s life style. Although Malacca is a historical town which full of old stories. But the people are enjoying their life, not only old people, even the youngsters in Malacca. We can see this in those shop lots which renovated from old style building. They are appreciating the antiquities of Malacca in creative ways. These are all the art of living for the people in Malacca. It is grateful that people in Malacca are still practicing it in their living no matter how the world has changed. 

A Different Weekend for You!!

Thinking of what to do or where to go on your weekend.
Why not having a different weekend in The Curve, Mutiara Damansara?
Apart from shopping center, cinema, restaurant & bar. There is a flea market on every Saturday & Sunday at The Curve where lots of stuffs were selling over here, from household items, fashions, accessories to foods. The things are all in good quality as well as cheap & reasonable price. 

Crowded with peoples: A high angle shot of the flea market from The Curve on a Sunday evening.

Night Market: People enjoying shopping at the flea market in the night, it looks like night market. 

The Spring Collection: The hot selling item in The Flea Market which are the latest spring fashion - lovely dress in Blossom graphic. 

Singing Performance: A singing band is performing various of oldies song in front of a restaurant loacated just beside The Flea Market. 

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