Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The ' G ' Files - File No. 3

" Woo hoo! You're so cool, Carmen." This is what i alway hear from my friend.

I'm Carmen, Kow Kar Mun. I'm a 20-years-old girl who looks like 12 years old because of my height. But i never feel sad becauseo of my 147cm height. Because it also have lots of advantages being a kids look which i can buy kids ticket for watching movie at cinema.

My birthday is on 14th October 1989. Libra is my horoscope.

I found Dasein The Academy of Art through education fair. I love singing so much that is why I've chosen Mass Communication to further my study. Besides than singing, i love sports to. I use to be a school runner in secondary school to represent my school for the MSSKL competition.

Through this course, I have the opportunities to be involved in the world of entertainment which i hope the most is can have a closer conection with my favourite singer. Besides that, it may help me to achive my BIG BIG dream which is becoming singer.

I do hope my dreams can be achieve one day...

The ' G ' Files - File No. 2

"If you treat the others good, they will also treat you good." This is the phrase that i always use to remind myself in my life. 

I'm Kooi Ming. My friends love to call me as Ah Miang.

(Please don't misunderstanding this word, it does not mean Miang in Bahasa Malaysia, it is totally different from that.)

My birthday is on 13th September 1989. I was born in Hospital Tawakal, Kuala Lumpur. Virgo is my horoscope and I'm 20 years old now. 

I knew Dasein through the recommendation of my cousin, there were good recommendation from her senior who used to study at Dasein. 

I have chosen Mass Communcation to further my study is because i felt that this is a course which is totally different from the subjects where i used to learn in previous school. The syllabus of this course sounds very interesting for me. Beside this, I have the opportunities to challenge different task and meet peoples from all walk of life. 

The ' G ' Files - File No. 1

My Previous Skretching

"Never say give up to anything, if you haven't try to do it." This is my favourite phrase while i meet any difficulty.

I always tell others not to say hard if you haven't try to do something. I like to try out new things and like to give out different ideas also.

I am Peck Kuan. Everyone call me as Ah Peck.

I like drawing during my leisure time. I like to draw characters in some comics. It usually need around 1-2 hours to complete a drawing. My family think it is wasting time but i feel satisfy when i finish the drawing.

My birthday is on 10th July 1989 and I'm 20 years old now, Cancer is my horoscope. I stay in Sentul since i am in Primary school. Sentul is a little place which has more indians but still we can live peacefully and happily without any argument.My neighbour is indian so i used to get a lot of biscuts and 'kuih-muih' during Deepavali.

I am now studying in Dasein Academy of Art and taking Diploma in Mass Communication. I knew Dasein through my best friend, she recommended this college to me because the college provide Mass Communication course and the college fee is reasonable. I used to think of taking Graphic design course because i love drawing very much. But since my friends all taking mass communication course so i decided to follow them also. I feel that the subjects of Mass Communication sounds very interesting to me. Therefore, I decided to take this course to further my study.

I hope to be a successful business woman in the future. I found that it is quite challanging in running own business. Although it is risky, i think i must have a try first to gain experiences in my life to make it more interesting.