Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Carmen's corner

Melacca was a best place for tourist to walk around.
There's lots of historical buildings, shops, and also the transportation.
It was all full with old and traditional taste.

one of the old building in Melaka. Christ Church Melaka which build on 1753.

this was one of the building which is quite old. It was located in Jonker street.

The building in this picture was also consider quite old. It was located in Jonker Street.

this was one of the old shop in Jonker street. An antique shop.

another shop which drop in jonker street. It wan an old press shop.

This was part of the street in Jonker street. It was all old buildings.

both of the tourist is chatting with the hawker who sitting on his stall.

One family of tourist is walking around in Jonker street.

some of the tourist is having rest where they have walk for a long day.

those old people wa playing chess under a big tree.

Melacca it's a place which full with historical memories.
It shows people about the past, keeps all the memories to the future kids.
The most historical thing was all the old buildings which look artistic.
Melacca was the best place for family to go and relax themself.
Besides taht, kids will learn and know more about the past of Malaysia history.
Melacca have their own culture and lifestyle.
There is a special culture of BaBa-nyonya which is mix of Chinese and Malays.
This culture we can see it everywhere in Melacca.
We can always saw some old people having rest all the way long in Melacca streets.
All the old people was just like all the building of Malacca where they are also full with history.
Where they have live in Melacca since they're small untill they have grown old.
See that Melacca was keep changing day by day.
But the only thing that will not change was the true hearth of them, where all their happiness and sadness.
All their memory will never been change.


Traffis is always a big problems having in KL...
What makes it happened?
There's alwasy a person who "take cares" of the traffic...
is the one who makes it happened...
all the traffic jaming problems...
sometimes they help...
sometimes they make it much serious....
Here they are...

The person who controlling our traffic

Some of them can really control the traffic in a good condition...
but some of it just makes the traffic gone terrible...
When did Malaysia's police have a better improvements?

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