Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The ' G ' Files - File No. 3

" Woo hoo! You're so cool, Carmen." This is what i alway hear from my friend.

I'm Carmen, Kow Kar Mun. I'm a 20-years-old girl who looks like 12 years old because of my height. But i never feel sad becauseo of my 147cm height. Because it also have lots of advantages being a kids look which i can buy kids ticket for watching movie at cinema.

My birthday is on 14th October 1989. Libra is my horoscope.

I found Dasein The Academy of Art through education fair. I love singing so much that is why I've chosen Mass Communication to further my study. Besides than singing, i love sports to. I use to be a school runner in secondary school to represent my school for the MSSKL competition.

Through this course, I have the opportunities to be involved in the world of entertainment which i hope the most is can have a closer conection with my favourite singer. Besides that, it may help me to achive my BIG BIG dream which is becoming singer.

I do hope my dreams can be achieve one day...

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