Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The ' G ' Files - File No. 2

"If you treat the others good, they will also treat you good." This is the phrase that i always use to remind myself in my life. 

I'm Kooi Ming. My friends love to call me as Ah Miang.

(Please don't misunderstanding this word, it does not mean Miang in Bahasa Malaysia, it is totally different from that.)

My birthday is on 13th September 1989. I was born in Hospital Tawakal, Kuala Lumpur. Virgo is my horoscope and I'm 20 years old now. 

I knew Dasein through the recommendation of my cousin, there were good recommendation from her senior who used to study at Dasein. 

I have chosen Mass Communcation to further my study is because i felt that this is a course which is totally different from the subjects where i used to learn in previous school. The syllabus of this course sounds very interesting for me. Beside this, I have the opportunities to challenge different task and meet peoples from all walk of life. 

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