Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Assignment 1 { Random Reflections]

Name: Lee Peck Kuan
Location: Around Dasein College
Date : 3rd February 2009

A dasein graduate is waiting for her friend-3rd february 2009.

She is having interesting conversation with her friend-3rd february 2009.

They are going to find their lecturer-3rd february 2009.

Where should i start this assignment? Who should i capture?I found my target while i'm pondering about all these questions. There are many people in Dasein reception hall. Some of them were discussing about their presentations while some of them were busy to decorate the gallery. After 15minutes I've been there, I spotted a girl sitting alone and keep looking at her watch and mobile phone. So i decided to take a photo of her and try to observe what she is doing.

After few minutes, her friend arrived and i managed to heard the conversation between this 2 persons. During the conversation, I found that they wanted to find their lecturer at few shops beside college but the lecturer was having his lunch so they need to wait for him to come back. I managed to capture some pictures from far away by zooming my camera but still, she mentioned about it and suddenly get shocked. Then, I explained to her why I need to do these and that and she was willing to have a short interview with me. I take some details from her and started talk to her. During the conversation, I got to know that her name is Chen Lu Yuen,23 years old. She is from Malacca and now she is staying in Wangsa Maju with her friends. She likes to draw, listening to music during her leisure time. Sometime she would like to dance ballet too. She is a graduate who just finish her illustration course last November. She is now working as a fashion designer and she enjoy her current work. Today, she was here to meet with her friend and lecturer since she was free.

Our conversation ended when she received a call from her lecturer. She leave Dasein College and I follow her on the half way. Finally, I stop follwing her at the entrance of the shop.

In the process to complete this task, I found that it is uneasy to capture a stranger because we don't know what kind of person they are. Some people may not feel comfortable to let other captures them. I used to capture someone in a complex but not successful because some people will avoid it when they realize that I am capturing them. I hope that I can improve next time to capture better photos.

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