Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Assignment 2 [Good & Bad Photojornalism Analysis]


This was a photo about cultural of Chinese which post in SIN CHEW DAILY on 11 of Febuary. It shows chinese where they are having a buddisht cultural activities on Cap Goh Mei which is the 15th day of Chinese New Year. They are having activities which is throwing chinese mandarin orange into water, so call lake. Before they throw the mandarin orange into water, they wrote down all their wishes and hope on the orange and wish that it may come true. The pro that having on this photo was totally base on cultural, it shows the belives and the special activities they held on every Chap Goh Mei. Its shown how chinese are being all together and enjoy their culture in a positives ways. For us who are also a chinese, after looking at this photo, we shall feel proud being a Chinese which we have a so many kinds of special festival in our cultural. This picture may strongly creats a heart with proud of being chinese.


It must have some bad when there is a good. Nothing can perfect. This photo also show out the bad things happening. What was it? There was water pollution happening in the photo. Although it shows out how chinese appreciate with they culture, how enjoy they are. But they had forgotten about the responsible to kept the environtment clean, and especially water. Since it was a cultural of buddisht, but they had forgotten with the non-buddisht where the usage of water is important for the others. This picture should not be posted out in this way where it will make the non-buddist feel unfair to them. It will make the non-buddist feel angry with the action of the chinese culture, end it will creats a races crisis. It may ends with a fight between the different races with the unfair topic on each of their own cultural. This may not be a serious reason for them to fight on, but eveything or problem is always hide with the word MAYBE...

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