Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Random Reflections

Halimah is sitting quietly to take a rest after a tired shopping in Ikea. 

Staying alone is always the best time to think deeply in mind. 

After having a short break on the bench, it revitalized Halimah to continue shopping. 

Remember your love one as well as shopping. Hamilah and Nordin knew that and now they are leaving the complex to pick up their children.

Location: Damansara, Petaling Jaya (The Curve, Ikea, & Ikano Power Center)

Date: 3th February 2009, Wednesday

The environment is quiet when I arrived The Curve. There are lesser peoples in the complex compared to last 2 weeks. I decided to warm up by walking around and take a look on the peoples, shop lots, and the environment over there. Meanwhile, I sit on the sofa prepared by the complex to take a break. I saw 3 people sitting on the sofa. Some even slept on the sofa. So I took out my camera and start to snap some pictures of a middle age lady sleeping on the sofa. Although there is rule that sleep are not allowed on the sofa. But there were peoples who did it too. Finally, they were wakened up by the guard. But I’m not enough fast to snap this moment. 

Therefore, I decided to change another target and in another location to continue the task. The environment in Ikea and Ikano Power Center is better than The Curve. There are more peoples at here and Ikea is still keeping the Chinese New Year decoration. Most of them are couple, with children and grandparents. Again, I’m sitting on a bench, paying attention on things happened around me. Because this is a shopping complex, to avoid get warn from guard, I chose to use the camera of my handphone to snap photo. As well as to snap the natural moment of every subject, because I believe they will be aware of camera if they know there were camera aiming on them, it will lose all the natural of the person. 

Finally my eyes was attracted a Malay lady. From my point of view, she is around 30. Sitting quietly without doing anything on the bench opposite me. I think she is tiring of shopping in Ikea, so she is relaxing on the bench provided by Ikea. Meanwhile, she seems like waiting for another person. 5 minutes later, a Malay man walks toward her. She smiles and talking with him. Then she stood up and prepared to go. I reacted quickly by walking toward to introduce myself and explain what I’m doing. She is so surprise that I’m following her and took her photo. Her name is Halimah, 32-years-old and her husband is Nordin. 33-years-old. Both of them live at Damansara. They came to Ikea to shop for some decoration for their home. They have been married for 4 years. They will leave the complex soon to pick up their children. Our conversation ended. 

This task is an adventure for me. There are different types of feeling mixing around,  from afraid to enjoy talking with the person. Through the conversation, I felt that Halimah is a nice person but not very talkative. She can’t act natural in front of camera. Therefore, she refused to take close up photo. We have to be well in communication so that the job done smoother. 

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