Sunday, February 22, 2009

Random Reflection 2

Men under hot sun

Location: Desa, Wangsa Maju

3 of us have chosen Desa, Wangsa Maju as the location to do our random reflection. Recently, the weather is quite hot. Therefore, we decided to capture a series of pictures to appreciate these hawkers around our college.

Mr. Fruit

                                 He is showing off his cutting skill infront of his customers.

            He is paying fully attention while cutting the mango into pieces. 
                           Customers didn't mind have to wait longer time for these juicy fruits.

Mr. Cendol

The pictures of Mr. Cendol while preparing his famous "Cendol with Pulut".

Mr. Juice

He is preparing the sugar cane & coconut juice. 

Mr. Juice's reaction while he noticed he is in the camera.

Mr. Soya Bean

Although the weather out there is hot, Mr. Soya  still continues his job without any complaint.

He is serving his customer niccely & patiently. 

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