Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kooi Ming's Corner

WEE's Assignment

Chinese New Year's photos

CNY day No.9 which is the big day for Hokkien - praying to the The God of Sky.

The unique of Malaysia - where every Malaysian is celebrating Chinese New Year together.

The Lion Dance - One of the legend of Chinese New Year which many Chinese believe that it will bring them good luck for the whole year.

As I'm a typical KL people, I have celebrated my Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur and Klang. These pictures were all of the story of my Chinese New Year 2009. Usually I will celebrating day No.1 in Klang. The Lion Dance happened in Klang, which is my mom's hometown. My uncle invited the Lion Dance to bring everyone good luck, he had invited some of his Malay staffs to celebrating together with us.

My family also celebrating day No.9 every Chinese New Year every year. Those praying's stuffs were all prepared by my grandmom and my mom. Therefore, i have captured many photo of them from preparing to praying.

BEN's Assignment 2

Chinese New Year with Family

This is my mom, she is praying to The God of Sky.

My dear grandmom, she is preparing the stuffs for praying.

This picture took while my dad is giving out "ang pau".

My family photo.

BEN'S Assignment 1

Class Outing at KLCC

The symbol of Malaysia - Petronas Twin Tower.

A pair of "Jagung " (corn) standing in the middle of Kuala Lumpur.

A low angle view of a building beside KLCC.

A small pool for kids.

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