Wednesday, February 18, 2009

PecK KuaN's Corner

WEE's Assignment

CNY photos

Date : 26th-30th January 2009

Venue: Kuala Lumpur+Malacca

This is the photos that I managed to captured during Chinese New Year. In KL, the celebration is more or less same with other states. The only thing which is fun is the first 2 days of Chinese New Year. The road in KL became calm and empty with very less cars and the whole KL which is busy in normal days became very quite. In this period, we can see more tourists than local people along the road.

Most of the photos that I have captured are about the Chinese cultural which are still praticed by the chinese. For example, Chinese people like to gamble during Chinese New year especially poker cards and mahjong. We must be together with all the family members to celebrate the most important days for chinese people.

Besides, we must eat 'yee shang' during chinese new year. The process called 'lo shang' in chinese and it means gather the luck for the whole year so that we can do well in our careers, businesses, earn more money, have healthy body and happiness etc.

Other than that, the hokkien people will celebrate their most important days on the 9th days of chinese new year. I'm a hokkien so every year we will have celebration on the 9th days. We will prepared different foods in praying and the most important foods in the praying are stim chicken and roast pig. In the past, chinese people can only eat chicken and pig on special days. The tradition is still praticing in chinese society.

Not only happiness during chinese new year but sadness too. Accidents rate always higher during festivals. Many car accidents happened during chinese new year when people are on their ways back to their hometowns. During chinese new year, I also managed to captured an accident when I am on the way to Malacca. We should always be alert on the road so that we can enjoy our holidays of chinese new year.

27th Jan 2009 - "yee shang" that chinese people must eat during CNY.

27th February 2009- Mahjong that chinese people like to play during CNY.

29th Jan 2009- Caligraphy writing by a woman who lost her hands.

29th Jan 2009- The words that being arranged by the 'lion' during the lion dance.

29th Jan 2009- Chinese people believe that he will brings happiness to them.

2nd February 2009- Celebration of the 9th days for Hokkien people.

29th Jan 2009- Road accident in Malacca.

Ben's Assignment 2

=CNY Pictures=

Date: 26th-30th January 2009
Venue: Kuala Lumpur+Malacca

We are required to capture some family photos and photos of celebration for Chinese New Year. I didn't go back to hometown for a long time. Every year, we will stay in my grandma's house for the first 3 days and go on some trips in the following holidays.

This is my family...^^ with 2 naughty female dogs.

My mum and my grandma.

My youngest cousin.

I managed capture a lion dance photo in Malacca.

Ben's Assignment 1

=First Outing for Photography Class=

Date: 16th February 2009

Venue: KLCC Park

First outing to KLCC Park. Although it was very hot but I really enjoy photographing. The sunlight was good and the whether was nice too.

Below are the photos that I managed to capture.

The sky looks cool.

A cute and shy girl who kept avoiding my camera.

Ben with the fascinating twin towers.

Twin towers which we were required to capture.

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